Final iSERVcmb Newsletter

Welcome to the final iSERVcmb Newsletter

The iSERVcmb project has now been completed and has a number of findings to report. This newsletter is structured to reflect the final report for the project, which is available in full and with links to even more information at

The main findings are that:

  • The proposed process leads to significant savings in operational buildings across Europe – with an-nual electricity savings of up to 5% of the total EU electrical energy use appearing possible.
  • The iSERVcmb spreadsheet can be used for all buildings and HVAC systems across Europe
  • The project has produced a unique set of measured data on energy use and power demands in HVAC sub-components servicing given end use activities across Europe
  • Energy Conservations Opportunities are capable of being identified from sub-hourly data
  • Physical Inspections and Indoor Air Quality studies have confirmed that continuous use of metered data can be used to benchmark the performance of buildings and systems
  • The approach and data is of interest to Building Services Professional Bodies in providing guidance to their members on improving the operational energy efficiency of building services

All the main Actors from across Europe, with an interest in reducing the operational energy use of buildings and their building services, have participated in and/or contributed to the shape and findings of this project.

I hope you find the project outputs useful and interesting.
Ian Knight

Click here to download the final, pdf version of the iSERVcmb Newsletter.

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