iSERV results will be presented at CIBSE/ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2014

The fourth annual Technical Symposium “Moving to a New World of Building Systems“ will take place April 3-4, 2014 in Dublin and aims to encourage the participation of young and experienced researchers and industry practitioners to share experiences and develop networks.

Recognizing that system and plant performance is a global issue this joint CIBSE and ASHRAE symposium will give a platform to best practice and research from around the world.

The annual Technical Symposium, now in its fourth year, encourages the participation of both researchers and industry practitioners at all stages in their career to share experiences and develop networks. It will explore both active and passive building systems that will shape an effective future for the built environment and maximise energy efficiency.

Professor Tim Dwyer, who has helped organise the Symposium content, says: “The Symposium will consider a range of topics that underpin the engineering assessment, design and operation of systems that integrate with the aim of delivering future cities that not only provide inhabitants with acceptable and maintainable conditions but strive to mitigate their environmental impact.

“We have seen part of this challenge brought into sharp focus over the past 12 months with continued urban density growth in fast developing nations and incidents such as air quality issues in China, political and consumer reactions to rising energy costs in the UK, and the resilience of buildings in the freezing weather conditions recently experienced in North America.”

Over 60 papers, posters and case studies will be presented in sessions covering:

• The effectiveness of systems in use.
• Evaluating the performance gap.
• The reality of setting ‘thermal comfort’.
• Measuring and managing energy use to reduce impact.
• Balancing energy use with user expectation.
• Mind the gap – modelling towards reality.
• Benchmarking to enable improved building design.
• Taking the heat off the grid – local heat and power systems.
• Assessing and delivering designs that aspire to nothing.
• The urban truth of delivering sustainable cities.

The event expands CIBSE President, George Adams’s Presidential address “Whole Life Thinking”. In this address he commented that engineers working in the built environment had an urgent responsibility to help reduce energy consumption and provide for adaptation of buildings and cities to respond to the challenges of climate change whilst accommodating the needs of rapidly growing populations.

Author: Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE – Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers)

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