iSERV results will be presented at REHVA Annual Meeting 2014

Close to the project end, iSERVcmb results will be presented to REHVA Members and Supporters on the REHVA Annual conference “Energy efficient, smart and healthy buildings” 30 April 2014 in Düsseldorf. [more]


The scope of the conference will be to offer various stakeholders – researchers, industry, building owners, end users, consultants, engineers, architects, policy makers – a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and innovative technical solutions.
REHVA community endorsed and disseminated already the HARMONAC project and is looking for the learn about the final results about the H.E.R.O tool, HVAC system benchmarks across iSERV partner countries and the future exploitation of the online tool. iSERVcmb results will be presented by Ian Knight based on the final outcomes of iSERV partners joint work.

The conference programme and registration details are available in the REHVA website.

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