iSERV results and further exploitation discussed at REHVA Annual Meeting 2014

Close to the project end iSERVcmb was presented to REHVA Members and Supporters during the REHVA Annual Meeting and Conference 28-30 April 2014, Düsseldorf. Project coordinator Ian Knight presented final results of the monitoring and benchmarking tool, including HVAC system benchmarks from different EU countries. EU benchmarks were also published in a paper on Power Demands of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning components in EU Buildings by Ian Knight in the latest REHVA European HVAC Journal issue disseminated also during the conference.

The advantages and possible further use of the developed monitoring tool were also discussed in the Task Force Workshop “Ventilation and AC inspections in Cold Climate countries” organised during the Annual Meeting. The presentation of experts from Nordic countries showed that there is a clear need for further practical guidance for member states – including the ones considered as more advances in this field, which have already implemented the EBPD regulation on the monitoring of AC systems. In the following REHVA Technical and Research Committee it was agreed that the AC Inspection Task Force will include instructions and guidance about the monitoring of AC system based on iSERV in its upcoming AC inspection Guidebook.

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